My Story

Jan Lastocy, a native of West Michigan, found herself facing immense challenges in the late 1990s. Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, she also grappled with legal troubles, ultimately leading to her imprisonment for attempted embezzlement. Tragically, Jan endured further trauma while incarcerated, enduring repeated sexual assaults by a corrections official for over six months. Despite the anguish, she remained silent, fearing repercussions that could prolong her incarceration.

Upon her release, Jan buried her ordeal, only to confront it anew when she learned of other victims of the same perpetrator. Determined to seek justice, she embarked on a lengthy legal battle, rallying alongside five other survivors to ensure accountability. Her courage extended to the courtroom, where she advocated passionately against the cycle of violence perpetuated by the system.

Today, Jan channels her resilience into advocacy, tirelessly working with local institutions to combat prisoner rape. Her unwavering dedication is fueled by the hope that her story, chronicled in her upcoming book, will offer solace and empowerment to those who have suffered similarly. Beyond her advocacy work, Jan finds joy in the simple pleasures of family, gardening, and exploring the beauty of her home state alongside her beloved husband, John.

Through her book and advocacy efforts, Jan strives to shed light on the alarming prevalence of sexual abuse within the prison system, aiming to ignite change and bring an end to the cycle of violence. She firmly believes that collective action and awareness can pave the way to a future where no individual suffers the horrors of prisoner rape.